Summary and Reflection on Social Class, Wealth and Poverty

and Reflection on Social Class, Wealth and PovertyToexplore the theme of social class, wealth and poverty, I selected tostudy the article “SociologicalPerspective on Poverty.”The article was written by Jessica Russell and Tracy Shidrick and waspublished by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. The article seeks todiscuss the concepts that help in understanding poverty from thesociological perspective.Thearticle mentions the traditional view of poverty by some sociologistsas one’s recklessness, moral failings or dependency culture (Rucelland Shildrick 1). However, there are some sociologists who are in theview that poverty is as a result of the distribution of wealth andresources. Therefore, inequality distributions of opportunities orresources in this context lead to poverty. In addition, sociologistsare also in the view that poverty is as result of the declininginfluence of the social class, particularly in the U.K as it is inmost developed nations (Rucell and Shildrick 1). However,the article also indicates research that has demonstrated the socialclass as well as the class reproduction processes that have remainedas important impediments to opportunities. This research has, ineffect, indicated that many people continue to be influenced by thesocial class position to a very large extend (Rucell and Shildrick1). As a way of trying to understand poverty, sociologists have gonefurther to review the shame and stigma associated the victims whoexperience poverty. In this regard, large organizations orsignificant institutions have been at the forefront of stereotypingpoverty through their delivery services (Rucell and Shildrick 1). Thearticle points out that these institutions have been known topropagate stigmatization through disadvantaging and stigmatizing thevictims of poverty. Themovie, “The Slap” provides various meanings to the theme ofsocial class and interpersonal relationships that are typically heldtogether by a defined and acceptable social class. Hector, the chosencharacter in particular is defined as a wealthy, socially acceptableand financially stable individual who is at the centre of this moviedrama. This solely because Hector is the host of a barbecue gatheringthat is mostly attended by his close friends, mostly, who belong tohis social class.Inthis regard, everybody is seen to play the part that is expected,according that established social class until a slap is laid acrossthe face of a boy. This slap becomes the centre of the whole drama asit illuminates the real authentic feelings as well as personalprinciples of every individual gathered at that barbecue meeting. Asit turns out, most of the characters gathered at the celebration aretorn between their own personal values and those established by thatsocial order. Consequently, this leads to spilling of secrets that noone would have ever known existed. Throughmy assessment, I am able to understand the defined meaning of socialorder in the movie that applies to the article through thedefinitions mentioned. The article illustrated some meanings thathave been associated with poverty in regards to the social order andclasses. The article mentioned that social order and social classeshave remained significant influences to many people’s lives. In themovie one can clearly see the barbecue gathering is only attended byindividuals belonging to a certain social class. In this instance, itmakes it almost impossible for people belonging to other social classto meet these individuals who are in essence believed to possesswealth. Fromthe movie “The Slap,” Hector is the character that I believestruggles to maintain his social class and wealth, and avoid povertyall together. he is comforted by wealth in relation to the theme ofsocial class and therefore struggles to maintain that comfort of therich social class. This is because he is having a strong stereotypeview to poverty. Despite the fact that he is an influentialindividual in the social order where he belongs, he has personal darksecrets that could ruin his reputation. From Hector, one can deducethat reputation is a regarded asset in the social order and povertyis perceived as total failure. WorkCitedRucellJessica and Shidrick Tracy (JRF). SociologicalPerspective on Poverty.Web, Accessed, April 11, 2016,&lt