Positioning the Yaris Question 1

Positioningthe Yaris


Differentorganizations have succeeded in understanding the behavior andinclination of their product consumers. According to Perner (2000)Understanding the consumer helps in the marketing strategy andmagnifies the understanding of the consumers’ psychology in howthey think, feel, talk and select different brands.

Perreau(2016) agrees that there are various factors that will affect thebehavior of a consumer regarding how they choose the product, theirpurchase all the way to how they consume it. This is because thereare many processes involved in the whole consumer behavior concept.The explanation of the given factors in conjunction with the casestudy is given below


Inthis group, various aspects play a role in the behavior of theconsumer the age, occupation, lifestyle and personality with regardsto self-concept (Shah, 2016) Shah Stresses that a customer changeshis or her purchase with the changes in time. This is connected witha consumers’ lifecycle like young singles, unmarried couples ormarried couples. This is seen in the case of the launching of theToyota Yaris in the case study. The marketers targeted a demographyof youth aged between 18 and 34 years and hoped that at least 30% ofthe sales would go to them (Graser, 2006). The company created aunique personality for the car it was irreverent, cheeky andmischievous matching that age group and the design of the car. Italso targeted the lifestyle of most people in that age bracket.


Aperson’s economic situation and occupation will greatly determinewhat they purchase (Shah, 2016) higher incomes and higher savingswill result in the purchase of high-end and expensive things whereaslow income will lead to purchase of less expensive products. Becausethe target segment of the Toyota Yaris mostly composed of youngpeople with little or no major incomes, they designed the car to beboth exciting and economical to ensure large uptake. They did notrisk to make it boring because then, the target consumer groupwouldn’t look at it twice.


Thisis the way a person lives in a society and can be expressed withreference to things in his or her surroundings. These things aredetermined by the customer’s interests and shape his entire patternor way of interacting with the world (Perreau, 2016). The ToyotaYaris directly targeted the lifestyle of young people, the way thelead their lives on a daily basis and how they communicate. Themarketing company created a MySpace account for the elegant vehicleand accrued over 38,000 ‘friends’, cites Graser (2006). Themarketing company was literally everywhere the youths went, fromsocial sites to favorite TV episodes from popular events to theentertainment field, mainly the mobile and computer gaming- they wereeverywhere.

Culturaland societal factors

Theculture of an individual will significantly affect his or herbehavior pattern. A consumer will be influenced by his family,friends and cultural environment throughout his entire life and thisis where he will learn his or her values. For instance, in the westit is a common practice to invite family and friends over for dinnerat the house. However, in Japan, this kind of thing is preferred in arestaurant. Other sub-categories of the culture are the trends andsocial classes an individual is affiliated to as they create abandwagon effect on an individual (Cant, Brink &amp Brijball, 2006).


Underpsychological factors, a consumer’s behaviour is pegged on theirperception, motivation, learning and the beliefs and attitudes of theproduct. The psychological factors are mostly dependent on how theindividual perceives his or her environment therefore the fivesenses are the mostly used stimuli. If something feels good, looksgood, and smells good, it is worth having. The Yaris design was notrigid. In fact the Toyota marketing agency, Saatchi &amp Saatchi,created a democratized design where members of the online platformscould develop and share their own templates (Graser, 2006).


Theperceptual map provides an interesting feature of the Chevrolet AveoSedan. It is slightly exciting but very economical. It would be aperfect fit for those who are looking for fun but don`t have highincomes or very good occupations. It is mainly targeting youths, justlike the Toyota Yaris. The marketing company should zero in onserious marketing techniques to create awareness on the benefits thatthe consumer would be accruing from driving the Chevy Aveo Sedan.However, before that, they should

I.Identify the market segment that the vehicle targets

II.Make a positioning strategy this involves target market analysis,competitor analysis, pricing, product analysis and distribution.Eventually it finds the perfect marketing firm for marketingcommunications.

Themain marketing strategy would be to involve in in-depth advertisementthrough social media by promoting a community of fans for the Chevy.In addition, they should exhaust the internet by taking advantage ofthe flexibility in which they can quickly reach their target market.According to Wang (2014) they could apply different strategies foradvertising like organizing demos for the Chevy. In addition, theycould use the testimonial or advice strategy which tells the consumerhow he or she can benefit or be helped. Not forgetting, the mobileinterface is also the quickest way to reach the youth. As in the caseof the Yaris, the marketing company creating mini-episodes of thefavorite TV program and called it ‘mobisode’- in between the‘mobisodes,` there would be a 10 second flash of the Yaris car inits true valor(Graser,2006).

Theyouth demography is very volatile and variant there is no real wayof determining the exact way to or the particular platforms that willreach the entire target group. All they did was go deep into thelifestyle of their target group and find things that make them happy.It is these things that they turn around to create awareness fortheir market, says David Murphy the president of Yaris’ marketingcompany.


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