My Portfolio


As I look forward to complete my universityeducation I am writing this portfolio to address the gains andchallenges that I have encountered in my pursuit of universityeducation. The portfolio comprises of deep research that I did on atopic of interest- the impact of women representation on boards onthe superficial performance of firms. I gave the portfolio draft tomy peers who proceeded to give an informal review of my writingskills. This piece of writing is an introduction to my portfolio. Theportfolio was an exercise in testing the writing skills I haveacquired over the years. It explores my skills, strengths, andweaknesses in regards to the units I learned in college and theportfolio draft that I presented to them.

Work and Learning Experience

&nbspI worked at the Coop In Bank of Chinabefore I came to the United States. The business writing andorganizational skills that while working at the Coop In Bank of Chinawas immense. The first thing I did every morning after arriving atthe office was to check my email. Each branch of Chongqing Bank ofChina would send large expenditures or income reports, of more than10 million Dollars, to the Bank of China where I was working in. Myjob entailed collecting this information and organizing it in atable. I would then send the final copy to the president of the Bank.At first, sending the email to the bank president was very terrifyingbecause I was not confident of my writing skills.

I have learned a lot of writing skills in thisclass, based on the assignments that I have written in the units ofthis course. Sometimes, with the help of a colleague or thesupervisor, I would work on writing the acceptance bill. Thisexperience made me realize that the ability of self-study is moreimportant than knowledge, because what I learned in America is notuseable in China. This realization made me start to improve myability of self-study and this class helped me learn a lot about it.

I had a very poor grasp of the English languagewhen I first set foot in this country. My writing skills were poor aswell. However, this class enabled me to polish my English writingSkills. Although I am still on a learning curve, the skills acquiredin this course were invaluable for my personal and professionaldevelopment. I have learned the use of logos in my writing. In aninformal review by a peer in my portfolio, she specifically pointedout that my appropriate use of statistics to support my claims was agood way to appeal to logic.

The report made me happy because it marked animprovement of my grasp of the Queen’s language. From the course, Ilearned that the use of appealing to logos in writing improves thecredibility and reliability of the paper. I made use of this skill byhighlighting the statistical figures presented by companies that hada significant number of women on their board in comparison with thosethat had few or no women in their board composition.

My strengths and Weaknesses

One of my major strengths lies in the fact thatI am quick to grasp the various formats required in academic writing.I have come to realize that in writing, the format is equally asimportant as the content therein. The format sets the benchmark uponwhich all papers should subscribe to in academic and businesssettings.

In unit 2, the paper required me to draft thebibliography and the research proposal according to a specificformat. At first, I could not help but wonder why the tutor was veryconcerned with something as petty as the format. Little did I knowthat a standard format allows for fair grading and ensures that thestudent provides all the information required in the portfolio.Without the format outline, maybe I would have left out some keyelements of the portfolio. I also learned that following a standardformat makes the work neat and easier to locate key points.

In my portfolio, my peers participated inidentified some of my weaknesses. One of my peers pointed out at theparticipation section of my portfolio, one of my key weaknesses isthat I tend to use statistics too much. That is when it hit me thatsometimes in academic and business writing we ought to considerthose people who are not well versed in our fields of specialization.For instance, since my field of specialization is accounting, Ishould not assume that everybody would comprehend the technical termsand calculations that usually appear in the subject.

The experience allowed me to learn theimportance of using simple language so that everybody, includingthose who are not conversant with the subject matter, gets tounderstand what the paper is talking about. I made a resolution touse less statistics in my future writings in the business world or atthe postgraduate level of my education. I was grateful for my peersto have pointed out that weakness.

One of my weaknesses is communication using theEnglish language as the second language in my life. My peers pointedout were that my grammar had a little improvement to be done.Although I am an international student who started learning Englishabout four years ago, I do not use that as an excuse for my not sogood grammar. As the second peer noted in my portfolio, my grammarneeds some improvement. I plan to achieve this through watchingnumerous American movies, reading more novels and practicing mywriting skills at regular intervals. The revelation made me realizethat I could go back to my country without learning the ropes ofEnglish.

The course and writing assignments, as well asthe portfolio have improved my skills in researching and gatheringinformation. For anybody to be a good writer, be it in graduateschool or at the professional level, research is important. In unit 3of my portfolio, I had to do a lot of research regarding thesuperficial impact of having more women on the management board. Theexperience made me realize how important it is to gather informationfrom credible source. Some sources claimed that companies that hadmore women on their board performed seven times better compared tothose with few or no women on their board. I immediately thought tomyself that the figure was outrageous. Upon scrutiny of the source, Irealized it was a blog for an upcoming feminist.

The experience made me realize that not all online sources containedcredible information. Some online sources may fabricate informationto serve a particular agenda. From the coursework in college, Ilearned that the most reliable sources of information are scholarlyjournals, books, and websites of internationally recognizedorganizations such as the World Bank and the United Nations.

By writing this portfolio enabled to make anevaluation of myself. I learned many things that I had never imaginedmyself. The peer reviews were a great revelation to me. I finally hadthe chance to act upon honest criticism from people that cared. Iurge you to proceed to the portfolio because it offers insight on avery important emerging trend in the business world.