Holistic Nursing


MAP-ITis a framework that used to design and assess public healthintervention methods within a community. The steps in this contextprovide a comprehensive way in which health professionals can make ahealthier community. The steps include mobilizing the necessarystakeholders in the community, assessing the places that require muchchange, planning the approach, implementing the plan and tracking itsprogress (Simon &amp Hurvitz, 2014).

SubstanceAbuse in Springfield Township

SpringfieldTownship is found in the Montgomery County in the State ofPennsylvania. It is located 12 miles southwest of Philadelphia. Thefirst settlers to stay in this area came at around 1686 (Bean, 1884).From 1924, it has been administered under the First Class TownshipCode. The size of this township is about 6.8 square miles and has apopulation of about 20, 000 people. The MAP-IT to be implemented inthis town involves substance abuse. The highest percentage of thepopulation (25.8%) consists of individuals between the ages of 18 to24. This age is the most susceptible to cases of drug and substanceabuse.

Thestakeholders to be mobilized for this program include representativesfrom the Springfield County Health Department, environmental healthorganization, the education sector and local public health officers.This team will find new approaches that will significantly cut downdrug and substance abuse. The assessment looks mainly into thereported cases of teenage and young adult intoxication while basingits severity on the federal restriction of the drug. Thus, the youngadults from between 18 to 24 years are the ones with the most needfor this program. A comprehensive plan has to be developed that willfind proper means of solving this problem and managing to save thehealth of the youth in this township. Through the help of thesestakeholders, the implementation and tracking of this plan will bemuch easier.

SpringfieldTownship is selected for this aggregate due to its relatively smallpopulation, thus, making it simpler to evaluate the potential ofimproving the health quality of its people. Also, this township hasthe majority of its population between the ages of 18 to 24, and thisage is where most people are likely to be involved in substanceabuse. By being able to solve the problem at this level, the generalpopulation will greatly benefit from a few years’ time.


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