Theadoption of the western culture has been met with a lot ofresistance. Though it has been over centuries since the inception ofthe Western ideas in Asia community, still there are some issueswhich remain sensitive in our community. For instance, westernfashion has not been adopted that quickly due to moral aspects (BBC,2015).

AnyAsia person would tell you that there is the particular way a girl ora lady is supposed to be dressed (Cowen, 2007). I have been lucky totravel over the world and meet people of various diversities andbelieve me some of the clothes that I wear here, I would never wearthem at home. There are morals and dictums that are supposed to beupheld. But the youth have been exposed to modernization andwesternization, and they just want to adopt these new fashion ideas.It is such drastic changes that have caused a lot of conflict infamilies.

Iunderstand the difference and the gap that exists between the youthtoday, and their parents is a technological and a diversity gap. Theyouths are exposed to many things that they want to try out. On theother hand, parents want their children to preserve those norms thathave been passed down from their ancestors(Gontcharova, 2015).


Theonly viable solution is time and understanding. Technology andeducation have made our world to be like a village where everythingthat happens in the corners of the earth is accessible to everyone.As time passes on, those little restrictions will erode away aspeople interact with others through education forums and adoption oftechnology thus, they will adopt diversity.


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