Business Intelligence tools

Business Intelligencetools

Microsoft has designed several application software for retrieving,analyzing, transforming and reporting data for use in businessintelligence. One of them is the Microsoft Power BI. The Microsoft BIcan be used with the window browser version or the desktop versiondepending on what one intends to do with their data. The below figureis the image of the Microsoft BI desktop version that allows a personto create a collection of queries, data connections, and reports thatone can share with others (Microsoft, 2016). 1 With thedesktop version, a person can build models and manipulate loads ofcorporate data easily. One of the pros of the Microsoft Power BI isthat it is affordable with a free version available and another onethat cost a user only $9.99 per month (Strom, 2016). 2Additionally, the fact that it is designed by Microsoft meansthat it easily works with other products from the same company suchas SQL Server, Excel, and Azure. 3 Also, its reportvisualization capabilities are great as it has about 16 differenttypes of charts (Team Post, 2016).

The other product for business intelligence is named IBM Cognos TMIdesigned by IBM. IBM Cognos TMI helps a business when budgeting,forecasting, score-carding planning and analysis (IBM, 2016). One ofthe benefits of having this product for business intelligence is thatit can monitor performance metrics as it has an integrated strategymanagement and scorecard that allows a company to evaluate itsperformance against the set objectives. 4Also, the IBMCognos TM1enable extensive mobile capabilities that allow increasedcorroboration with colleagues remotely located from the company.5Below is a screenshot for Cognos TM1 from IBM.



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