A Summary of Six Chapters

A Summary of Six Chapters

ASummary of Six Chapters

Inpart one, chapter one of this book is about the techniques needed inhandling people. Dale discusses and explains struggles undergone byAbraham Lincoln and later come to realize never to judge anyone, inthis chapter he also discusses how there is no value added bycriticizing others neither by complaining about other people. Heencourages people never to condemn others but instead try tounderstand them. The main idea of this chapter is never to condemn,criticize or condemn others.

Chaptertwo looks at the secret on how to deal with people. Dale Carnegiesays that the only way to make a person accept to do something is tomake them want to do it. To give this point meaning, he says that, “Iconsider my ability to arouse eagerness among my people the greatestasset I have, and the way to develop the best that is in a person isby gratitude and encouragement. There is nothing else that so killsthe ambition of a person as the criticism from superiors. I nevercriticize anyone. I believe in giving a person incentive to work.Therefore, I am anxious to praise but loath to find fault. If I likeanything, I am hearty in my approbation and lavish in my praise(Carnegie,2010).”The idea of this chapter two is to give true appreciation.

Chapterthree the theme is about the person who can, he also walks with theworld by his side, and he who can’t a lonely way walks by his side.This chapter educates on the principal of always try to view optionsfrom other people’s point of view. To strengthen this point theAuthor uses Henry Ford quote that says, “If there is a secret ofsuccess, it depends on the ability to get to the other person’sperspective and see things from the person’s angle as well as fromyours (Carnegie,2010).”

Parttwo of chapter one discusses the forms of making interested in you,and in chapter one of the same part explains how we can make morefriends by simply showing true interest about other people. Theauthor continues to say that you can make people become your friendsin just two months by showing a sense of interest in them, and youcan have friends in two to three years in trying so hard to get otherpeople to like you. The main idea of this chapter is to become trulyintrigued by other people.

Chaptertwo enlighten us on the simple way to make a good impression. Carnegie urges us always just to try and smile. Quoting from WilliamJames, who said, “Action seems to follow feeling, but real actionand feeling go together. Thus, the deliberate sovereign path tocheerfulness is to sit up cheerfully to act and speak as ifcheerfulness was already there (Carnegie,2010).”The idea of this chapter is to smile to make friends.

Chapterthree of part two talks about the need to know names of the peoplethat you’ve once met, and Carnegie elaborates how leadersespecially politicians are good at recalling names, and others go tothe extent where they write down names of individuals who they havejust met.

Itis important to remember names of people, and you can recall names byjotting them down after meeting people and always try calling outtheir names when having a conversation with them.


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