511 application interview


511application interview

511application interview

  1. Executive summary

Thereare many reasons for starting a business in any environment. The mainreasons are mainly to make a living, to satisfy the market that isunsatisfied for by the business community, to invest in availablesurplus cash or to fulfill personal goals or ambitions of usingpassion to make a living (Cowan 2012). Every individual has his orher own personal reasons that propel for the decision of starting abusiness. Despite the fact that running such businesses entails hardwork and dedication, business men or women have proven over the yearsthat it pays off in the end. This paper will focus on an individualwho was interviewed in regard to his reasons for starting to run hisown personal businesses as well as his dreams and aspirations towardshis particular businesses and their day today challenges for runninga successful business premises or organizations.

  1. Interviewee background

Theinterview conducted was with a Mr. Jeff who runs a business known as517 food delivery services. 517, is an 020 food internet applicationsservices that allows the end users to place order for Chinese foodsthrough the application that can be found in all android mobileapplications as well as tabloids and computers with internet access.Jeff reported that the main aim that drove him to inventing this typeof business was the fact that there was a large Chinese market thatdemanded Chinese type of dishes but many of them did not know whereto get the particular food that they demanded. In this regard, it ispossible to conclude that Jeff as an entrepreneur was able to seeunfulfilled need in the market and he had the right mind of coming upwith a brilliant idea of filling that need (Cowan, 2012). There are alot of Chinese student populations currently studying in the UnitedStates. One has to understand that that the Chinese traditions arevery conservative about the foods or dishes that they consume.

  1. Interviewee structure

Becauseof culture shock in terms of other social aspects such as learning tospeak fluent English language and embracing the American way of life,many Chinese students undergo many cultural adaptive problems. In theinterview we asked Mr. Jeff whether he had a personal experience onthe same and he confessed that indeed he did. As business studentstudying in the United States, he discovered an opportunity ofearning a living that could help him subside some of his educationalexpenses and he went for it. In addition, Mr. Jeff indicated thatthere are other markets from individuals who constantly want toexperience cultural diversity in terms of cuisines but do not knowthe knowhow of getting access to such products. This reason gave himconfidence that it was in fact a viable business idea that willattract a lot of customers with a high pay back rate (Cowan, 2012).

  1. Comparison of interviews

The517 website is easily found in Lancing and can be accessed in Englishlanguage where all customers are able to choose from differentvarieties of Chinese dishes and place their preferred orders (Jeff,2016). The website as many other online websites I had an opportunityto interview, is user friendly and allows the user to easily navigatethrough ensuring that the end users enjoy their presence in it.Creating a unique website that is sensitive to users is a criticaltechnique that very online business employs. This ensures thatcustomers enjoy their time while shopping for whatever products thatthey may be looking for and also ensures their return. In addition, agood website may entice the customers to stay logged in and as aresult, end up purchasing more than they actually intended to, thuspromoting impulse buying which results to rise in profit margins inthe company (Cowan, 2012).

  1. Analysis

Dueto the rise and popularity of the website and hence business, 517 hasincreased its supply by introducing new branches at Lansing,Champaign in Iowa city with the intention of getting the risingdemand of students customers (Jeff, 2016). Not only is the businessmaking progress through the students population, Mr. Jeff confirmsthat even the locals who enjoy Chinese delicacy have became regularcustomers. As a result, the company has been invited to supplyChinese dishes in may large platforms such as parties, birthdays orprivately owned parties that had a specific preference to Chinesedelicacy.

Mr.Jeff stated that there had been major time management issues when hestarted the company. The time management issues were as a result ofthe demanding school work as well as the rising demand in hisbusiness. Mr. Jeff said while both areas demanded his full attentionand dedication, finding a balanced time schedule was always an issue.Therefore, he came up with a personal timetable that could easilyintegrate both of these areas in his student life as they were bothequally complimentary and important. During the interview Mr. Jeffstated that he had to determine the peak times during which hiscustomers demanded his services as well as finding out the mostimportant times during his studies so that he could reduce thepossibility of conflict in both. In addition, there was the challengeof inadequate operating capital that would allow his customers to beserved with food supplies in time. Being a Chinese student, he hadthe problem of getting fair prices from the cab drivers as theyregarded him as a foreigner. The main problem was therefore,delivering the dishes or meals on time as the customers had demandedfrom the application. At first, he had difficulties explaining to hiscustomers who sometimes felt cheated by the mobile application andhence were difficult to explain to.

  1. Integration

Inaddition, Mr. Jeff explains because he plans to grow the business toa national level that he had to abscond some classes in order toserve his many demanding clientele. This was a major problem towardshis studies as he indicated that his studies were his primary focusduring that period. There was pressure coming out of a growingbusiness idea that was proving to be viable as well as hisperformance as a student at MSU. There was a need therefore ofemploying all his educational knowledge in the chain supplydepartments in all levels (Cowan, 2012). In addition, he hascurrently employed other subordinate staff to assist in the businessas it was diverse. There are staffs that are wholly responsible forpreparing the food and there were others responsible to packaging aswell as delivery. In this regard, being the business owner of anenterprise that was rising, he is currently challenged employing allthe necessary skills that are needed in managing a business premiseirrespective of the size. Mr. Jeff indicated that starting a businessis easy but the major jargon comes to maintaining that particularbusiness to surviving the many huddles that are associated.


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Apersonal Interview. MrJeff owner of 517 Food Delivery Application.Interview Conducted on April 20, 2016.